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My name is Nicola Matthews. I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University studying Engineering with a Mechanical intent. I hope to one day work in the automotive industry, so a degree in Mechanical Engineering will provide the best education for a career in that field. Although this is my plan now, things may change in the future and I may choose another major. For now, I am focusing on learning all that I can about each field of Engineering.

With what little free time I have in college now, I really love playing the guitar and singing. I've been playing guitar since 6th grade and pretty much taught myself most of what I know. It provides a nice outlet for when I get overwhelmed or stressed with all the work that comes along with college. Singing is something I enjoy, and luckily my roommate does not mind my singing either. We like to have mini jam sessions at midnight sometimes, even though it is technically "quiet hours."

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DIY Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

  1. Get bread
  2. Obtain knife
  3. Remove peanut butter from pantry
  4. Remove jelly from refrigerator
  5. Apply even spread of peanut butter to one slice of bread
  6. Apply even spread of jelly to other slice of bread
  7. Put the pieces together
  8. Enjoy
Class Grade
CH 101 A
E 101 A
SOC 304 A

Playing Guitar