Welcome to My Homework 6

My name is Nick Rodriguez. I am a transfer student and this is my first semester at NC State. I classified as a sophomore in the ECE department. As of right now my major is electrical engineering, but I am thinking of transferring to the dual major program after next semester. I chose electrical engineering because of my experience in the Air National Guard. I am an electrical and environmental aircraft mechanic and really enjoyed working with the electrical components of the aircraft.

One thing I really started to enjoy sometime in high school was mountain biking. I got invited by a friend a couple times and soon started to really enjoy it. We would go at least a couple times a week to different trails around the Atlanta area. Since I moved to North Carolina and started school I have been unable to really keep up with it. It is so expensive to buy a good bike and it is just as hard to find enough time.

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Pizza Making 101

  1. Gotta role out that dough
  2. Next spread out that sauce. Gotta make sure it's even!
  3. Sprinkle that base layer of cheese. When in doubt, add a little more.
  4. Time to add those toppings. When in doubt, keep it simple.
  5. Gotta finish off with the top layer of cheese. If you're worried about putting to much cheese you're eating the the wrong food.

Classes this Semester Expected Grade
E115 S
ECE 109 A-
ECE 200 B+
PY 208 A+

Mountain Biking