My name is Noah Smith and I am a Freshman who is currently undecided on his intended Engineering degree. I am thinking about going into Biological Engineering because I want to be outdoors and I think this might be a good fit. I came in to NC State with an intended Biomedical Engineering interest because I felt the mixture of the medical and engineering fields would be a good fit.

I have never had a job with an established company. I chose to do odd jobs over the summer with neighbors, my grandparents, and my neighbors grandparents. This let me be outside most of the time, chose my own hours, and get untaxed pay, as well as the satisfaction of helping others who have had problems getting help for a job because of the nature of the job or their dwindling health.

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My Most Interesting Classes So Far!

  1. Slow-Pitch Softball
  2. Scholars Forum
  3. E115
  4. Chemistry Lab - Ch 102
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