Homework 6

My name is Neal Trainor. My major is mechanical engineering and I am between my sophomore and junior years. I wanted to be an engineer because I love math and machines and want to work in the aviation indusrty. Both of my parents are engineers so I believe I was raised in a way condusive to wanting to be an engineer. I am also interested in physics in general and wish I could study both full time.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing Golf. I grew up playing hockey and although I still play, Golf has become my main sport. I love the feeling of being with my friends on a beautiful day and improving my skills in the game. It feels absoultely amazing to strike the ball well and watch it do exactly what you want. The only problem is the cost, it is way too expensive.

reddit.com A tale of a broken wrist
  1. Go Online to pizza site
  2. Choose regular pepperoni pizza
  3. Add breadsticks
  4. Place order
Course Name Expected Grade
E115 P
TDE220 A
ST370 A
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