Welcome to my Academic Page!

A picture of Nathan

Hello everyone. My name is Nathaniel Wheeler, and I am a first year student intending to major in Aerospace engineering. Spaceflight and astronomy have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. As an aerospace engineer, I will be instrumental to the success of exploring this great frontier.

In high school, I worked for my local aquatics program as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Now that I am a university student, I intend to work multiple internships in pursuit of a full time job. My dream job would be to work as an aerospace engineer at NASA, Boeing, or SpaceX.

Some Interesting Classes I will be taking...

  1. Experimental Aerodynamics
  2. Flight Stability and Control
  3. Rocket Propulsion
  4. Aerospace Structures

Clubs which I plan to be involved with...

Club Name Website
High Powered Rocketry ncsurocketry.com
College Republicans crnc.org