Naren Shanmugam's Web Page

Welcome to my first ever web page.

My name is Naren and i'm a freshman engineering student (class of 2019) and intended Mechanical
Engineer.I chose this major because i like to build and design things
so, I think Mechanical Engineering would be a great fit for me.

My favorite hobbies are working out at the gym and playing basketball. Working out really helps me destress by getting my mind
off of things and also helps me get physically better which in turn helps me when I play basketball.
It also rids the body of all toxins and improves cardiovascular and overall health in general.
I'm also currently bulking, so it requires me to spend a lot of time working out and consuming a high
diet. Hence, I like to workout because Its good for me and I thoroughly enjoy it.

My number 1 favorite website:

Google Logo
This is a copy of my resume .

How to make margherita pizza (my favorite one):

  1. Make the base
  2. Make the sauce
  3. Roll out the dough
  4. Top and bake

My classes and their expected grades for this semester:

Class Catalog Grade (Expected)
CH 101 3.4
CH 102 3.8
E 101 3.4
E 115 3.4
ENG 101 3.2
MA 141 3.7

These are my favorite hobbies:

working out basketball