My name is Nischal Shrestha. I'm a freshman and my major is

Computer Science with a video gaming concentration. I chose

computer science because computers have always fascinated me

and I love playing video games. When I found out that NC State

offered a concentration on video gaming, I officially made up my

that I wanted to do that.

My favorite break has to be summer break. It's not cold like

winter break and not filled with a ton of pollen like spring

break. It's also my favorite because it's actually long enough

to be considered a break in the first place. I get to do a lot

of things in the summer like make money, go to music festivals,

go swimming with my friends, go camping and such.

My Favorite Sandwich:

Courses Expected Grade
MA 242 B+
E115 S
EC 205 B
PSY 200 A
USC 102 A


Suggestions? Comments?