Welcome to the my webpage. Here you will learn many important details about me.

My name is Nupur Khadilkar. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. My intended major is Paper Science and Chemical Engineering. I chose this major because I love math, chemistry and problem solving. I also loved the hands on environment and the size of the department. There is a lot of one on one time with professors and I really like that. I am also on a scholarship to study Paper Science Engineering.

My favorite break is winter break. The first reason is that my birthday falls over winter break. Also, we usually travel to India to visit relatives over winter break. I love traveling abroad, especially to India. The other reason I love winter break is because it is the end of the semester and occasionally we will get some snow.

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  1. Go to Papa Johns
  2. Read over Menu
  3. Decide on Pizza
  4. Tell Cashier Order
  5. Open Wallet
  6. Pay with Cash/Card
  7. Thank Cashier
  8. Pick up Order
Course Name Expected Grade
CH101 A
MA242 A-
FLG301 A
E101 A+
E115 S
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