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Nicole Smit

My Major

I am a freshman at North Carolina State University with the intent of getting an electrical engineering degree with a cognitive science minor. I came in with 29 credit hours but I still expect to graduate in the spring of 2020 because I don't think you can squeeze all the engineering classes into a smaller time frame. If I decide to do a co-op, however, then it will take another year for me to get my degree and I will graduate in 2021.

My Career

I chose electrical engineering because I had been surrounded by engineers all my life, and then I later took AP Physics and was fascinated by the electrical unit. I want the cognitive science minor because while I was taking AP Physics, I was also taking AP Psychology, which discussed brain chemicals and how imbalances can cause mental illnesses, which intrigued me as well. With this mix of education, I intend to research how electrical signals travel through the brain in people who have mental illnesses compared to people that don't to see if there is a trend.

Class Course Title Semester
Physics PY 205 2nd Semester Freshman Year
Introduction to Computer System ECE 109 2nd Semester Freshman Year
Calculus 3 MA 242 1st Semester Freshman Year
Electric Circuits ECE 211 2nd Semester Sophomore Year
Computer Systems Programming ECE 209 1st Semester Sophomore Year