Welcome to my personal page on me!

Hello! My name is Nicholas E. Smith. I am 25 years old (26 in December on the 26th!), and I am currently attending North Carolina State University to become a Computer/Graphical Engineer. I decided to become a computer/graphical engineer for a few different reasons. First, I decided to become an engineer as there was so many different options of engineering to choose from! Second, I have always been good at working on computers, so I thought I would put my skills to the test and learn even more about them. Third, I have always had a passion for math and science, but also the arts, so I believe working in the Graphical / gaming department might help me meld those two ideas together. And finally, I just want to have a skill that I can be proud of doing that is difficult but fun, and engineering seems like that kind of field for me!

Currently, I am employeed at a retail store called Sunglass Hut. It is a very enjoyable job, and I have been fortunate that the staff I work with is for the most part fantastic. I have worked quite a few different jobs in the past, including working at a Satellite Factory, as well as fast food, though neither job was as rewarding as the retail job. The dream job I hope to perform is to work for a major company on simulations on different objects, such as BMW for vehichle crash test simulations, or a gaming company like Blizzard for game development.

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Chess Team at NC State link here
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