My name is Nathaniel Rennard and I am a freshman and plan to graduate in 2018. I am currently in Electrical Engineering but I have not CODA'd into it yet so it is not certain that I will say in it. I chose this major because it is a field of study that greatly Interests me. I find that writing the assembly code and designing electrical systems to be very interesting. I also am intersted in Electrical Engineering because of the different things you are able to do in computer design.

One of my hobbies is cycling. I love to ride my bike because it is excellent exercise and it is a great way to reduce stress. It is also quite a thrill to race down hills. One of the most enjoyable things to do near my house is to go to the outdoor trails near my house where they have jumps and different trails. I have both a Trek mountain and road bike.



Classes Grades
PHI 205 A
HI 351 A
HESA 117 S
E 115 S