My name is Nicolas Tessener. I am a freshman with a Civil Engineering intent. I became extremely interested in Civil when I first became interested in roller coasters. I was was always fascinated with the engineering and science behind them. I then explored more of what civil engineering had to offer and became interested in the creation of roads, bridges and infrastructure. I want to be able to help and fix the aging roads and bridges that are crumbling.

My favorite hobby was always my favorite interest of roller coasters. I was always just so fascinated with how complex these rides were. I started to research and learn all the little details of the ride themselfs. The thrill of riding the rides was the most addicting aspect. Nothing really gives you a rush like the speed and the drops of the rides.

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Steps To My Favorite Pizza

  1. Fresh Dough
  2. BBQ Sauce
  3. Chicken
  4. Cheese
Class Grade
E101 A
HI 252 A
MA 141 B

Fury 325