Awards and Honors

Dr . Sudhakar Nori has been selected as Secretary/ Vice chairman of the ‘Superconducting and Magnetic Materials' (SMD) Committee, TMS Annual Meeting, New Orleans , LA (2008)

Dr . Sudhakar Nori has Chaired a session for the International Symposium on “Wide Band-Gap Semiconductor Nanostructures': TMS Annual Meeting, FL (2007)

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e-mail: nsudhak@ncsu.edu

Dr. Sudhakar is a distinguished leader in the field who has received world-wide recognition for his groundbreaking contributions. He has a prolific publication record and has authored about 38 technical research publications in major high impact journals and international conference proceedings related to Materials Science and Engineering. Dr. Sudhakar's prime research interests are focused on the applications of transition metal oxide based Nanostructured Magnetic Materials, which are very useful for making ultra sensitive Infrared Detectors for night visionary devices, Spintronic devices that exploit both charge as well as the spin of the electron. This paves way and facilitates the realization of a host of new electronic devices and gadgets with ever - decreasing dimensions.


Synthesis and properties of nanostructured MgO-Ni system, J. Narayan, Sudhakar Nori , S. Ramachandran and J. T. Prater, Submitted to Journal of Materials Research (2008)

Electron spin resonance studies of CoMgO and NiMgO systems, Sudhakar Nori et al., To be Submitted (2008)