Awards and Honors

Dr . Sudhakar Nori has been selected as Secretary/ Vice chairman of the ‘Superconducting and Magnetic Materials' (SMD) Committee, TMS Annual Meeting, New Orleans , LA (2008)

Tel.: 919-515-7219
Fax: 919-515-7724
e-mail: nsudhak@ncsu.edu
18 years' experience in the study of electrical transport and magnetic properties of advanced ceramics in bulk and thin film forms
Experienced in the measurement of electrical resistivity (DC and AC) and AC magnetic susceptibility down to 1.6 K, and in magnetic fields up to 23 Tesla

Knowledge of processing of ceramic materials and their characterization using XRD, DSC, AFM, TEM and SEM.

Designed and fabricated cryostats for measurement of electrical resistivity to liquid helium temperatures.
Experienced in the use of a vibrating sample magnetometer (PAR) and the 15" Varian Electromagnet (17 kOe) for magnetic studies.
Expertise in the operation, handling (liquid helium transfers etc.) and data collection using SQUID (MPMS-XL), PPMS (Physical Property Measurement System) and Oxford VSM (MagLab2000) magnetometers for different variety of magnetic measurements (for both feeble and high moment systems).
Visited the 'Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory', Cambridge , M.I.T., Massachusetts , USA and performed collaborative research with NML, MIT. The experiments included measurements such as DC-Magnetization, Magnetoresistance and M (T) at very high magnetic fields (as high as 21 and 23 Tesla) and low temperatures.
Received a Specialized training related to the Installation, Operation and Maintenance of the Helium Liquefier machines at the manufacturing factory of Process Systems, International, Inc., MA, USA .

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