Hi this is my website

My name is Nate and i am a freshman intending to go in to chemical engineering. I basically chose this major because its the one of the broader feilds and i like chemistry. also i couldn't get into mechanaical and electrical doesn't seem that fun.

My favorite hobbies are weightlifting, biking, and messing around on the internet. Weightlifting is just one of the few good habits i've picked up. biking is super fun but i don't have my bike at college so i can't do it often. messing around on the internet is how i spend most of my school appropriate free time, its alright.

reddit Resume
  1. Put ham on bread
  2. Put Muenster cheese on ham
  3. put taco bell chipotle mayo on cheese
  4. close sandwich
class grade
Diff eq B
Chem 201 B
Physics A