Welcome to my very first site where you will learn a little about me!

My name is Ngoc Burwell. I am Vietnamese. People know me as Emma since my real name is hard to pronounce correctly. I love Math and Science, and I also enjoy helping others to understand math concepts. Therefore, I decide to pursue a degree in Secondary Mathematics Education. This is my first year at NC State, but I have been to several colleges for many years.

I used to love sewing. I made clothes for myself and all the curtains in my house. After becoming a wife and mother, my favorite hobby now is to spend time with my family and take my sons to after school activities. We like to go to the park and play cardboard games as well. After my children are in bed at night, I entertain myself with some Calculus homework and online shopping if I have time.


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    Steps to make my favorite sandwich
  1. Drive to a market to get ingredients
  2. Buy onion, tomato, bread, ham, turkey, mayo and cheese
  3. Toast the bread slices
  4. Spread a layer of mayo on slices of bread
  5. Add meat, cheese, tomato and onion
  6. Enjoy my sandwich
Classes Grade
MA 242 A
EMS 204 A
ED 204 A
E 115 S
playing at the park