Welcome to My Page!

My name is Nancy Lee McLean. I am a freshman in Engineering. I chose to major in Engineering because I really enjoy math and physics. I also think that I can use a degree in Engineering in many different ways. I really want to travel and work either in other countries or around the US.

My favorite break from school is Christmas break. I love being able to spend time with my family. Christmas time seems to be the best time to spend with family because most of my family takes off from work. This way, it is much easier to see everyone at once. My family goes to my grandmother's house, along with the rest of my extended family. We all celebrate on Christmas Eve and open some of our presents together.

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  1. Call the closest Dominos.
  2. Tell them what kind of pizza you would like: e.g. pepperoni, cheese, etc.
  3. Give them your phone number.
  4. Drive to the Dominos that you ordered from to pick up your pizza.
Classes Expected Grade
CH 101 80%
EC 201 94%
MA 242 86%
E 101 96%
E 115 S