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My name is Nan Yu, or you can call me Nathan. I am a transfer student and this is my first year at NC State. My major is Electrical Engineering because I am going to be engineer. I like computer and science for some reason. I think I will spend more time to study in this major.
My favorite break from school is spring break. First, you will have more to play with your frends because it is a long time break. Second, spring is the best season in a year, it is not to hot and not to cold. you can enjoy the beauty of the nature during this time. Third, most of the exam will be done before the break, so you don't have to study at all during spring break.

Spring Break

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    How to order a pizza

  1. Agree on the Desired Pizzeria in which to order from or go to
  2. Decide on your Order Before Calling
  3. Calling for Delivery/Takeaway or Pick-Up Call
  4. Place your Order
  5. Waitting for your pizza
Class Grade
PY 208 A
E 200 A
E 115 Pass
MA 242 A

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