Welcome to my page.
I am Nathan. I am a freshman at NCState. My major is CSC and I chose it because I enjoy programming.
I also do many different things with my friends around the CSC/engineering field. I enjoy to develop applicaitons.

I came to NC State over my summer break.
However, before that I was playing Virtual Reality with my friends.
We set up the htc Vive and over this weekend installed a gtx 1070 for better performance.
This is my favorite hobby hanging out with friends. I enjoy spending time with them.

I love cats and dogs. My house has 8 cats and 3 dogs.
Cats take less work to have than dogs. However, dogs are more energetic.
I would perfer cats over dogs though.
favorite website resume
How to make pizza
Name Major
Steven Aerospace Engineering
Alex CSC

favorite website