Welcome, to the speed of light

Hello, My name is Omar Allan, I am majoring in Computer Science, I am a sophmore going to school part time, and I will be graduating in 2020. The reason why I chose Computer Science is because I feel there are limitless opportunities. Programs for technology and run technology seem become more and more advance. This makes break thought in each generation. Computer Scientist make things effective and efficient for all users.

I love to play the guitar. It helps me deal with stress. This has been my escape when classes get rough. When I took Engineering Physics, I would strum my guitar and sing out formula's. I would only do this when studying became overwleming. This method always worked.

I have 3 cats. I love them. Each one has his or her own personality. They are soft and huggy. Each all love attention.

This is a link to my favorite website

This is my resume!

    Ordering my Favorite Pizza
  1. Call Pizza hut
  2. Ask for special (Just curious)
  3. Order a large with jalopeanos
  4. Pay over the phone

  5. Name Major
    Antwuan Electrical Eng
    Jim Bob Areospace Eng

    My guitar