Osman Aksit


My name is Osman Aksit and I'm a PhD candidate in Science Education at North Carolina State University. I'm currently working as a graduate research assistant under the direction of Dr. Eric Wiebe for an NSF-funded project at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. My research interests include multimodal assessment of science learning in technology-embedded classrooms, the use of computational thinking practices in the context of model-based learning, and ECD-driven innovative assessment design practices in game-based learning environments. In my dissertation research, I investigated how participating in a one-week classroom intervention that introduced computational thinking practices and simulation-based modeling through Scratch block-based programming environment in regular middle school science classrooms influenced seventh-grade students’ understanding of computational thinking practices as well as their conceptual understanding of force and motion concepts. I designed and conducted the classroom intervention with a large sample of seventh grade students (N=132) and the preliminary results suggested that students were able to learn basic computer programming concepts including conditionals, loops, and variables, and apply their knowledge to construct simulation-based models of physical phenomena.

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Osman Aksit
North Carolina State University
The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
1890 Main Campus Dr
Raleigh, NC 27606

Mobile: 919-720-0525

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