Fogo: Thoughts during Summer 2013

Hi, my name is Olufogorehan Tunde-Onadele. I know it's a long name so I am called Fogo, for short. I started college in the Spring semester of 2013 so I am currently a first year student. Electronic devices are so essential in our lives today that I cannot imagine the world without them. Thus, I developed an interest in them and hoped that one day I would be able to make an impact in the area. Consequently, my major is Engineering First Year: Electrical Engineering Intent.

Summer break is likely my favorite break of the year. Apart from being the longest break, the weather is warm, sunny and the days get longer than usual. This allows people come out to have fun, playing sports or relaxing at the beach, for instance. I usually end up going to as many cinemas and amusement parks as possible. Additionally, people wear lighter clothes which are more comfortable. The summer break gives time for the pursuit of personal interests and feats that have been previously put off.

summer picture

I would call Youtube my favorite site because even I know I visit it too frequently. Youtube link

    Here are some instructions for ordering pizza, if you're a fan.
  1. Decide which pizza store you want to visit (you can compare the deals and pizza styles on their websites).
  2. Get on the website or mobile app of the store.
  3. Pick either delivery or carry-out and input your location when prompted.
  4. You can choose a popular pizza that's easy to pick or make your own.
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I am taking classes this summer to keep myself busy. So here they are and the grades I await.
Class Grade
Introduction to Computing Environments / E115 S
Calculus I / MA141 A
Principles of Microeconomics / EC201 A