Velcome to mah Homework 5a

Hello, My name is Brinkley (Owen) Artman. I'm currently a freshman at NCSU, and I'm expected to graduate in May of 2018. I'm planning on majoring in both Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering with a concentration in biomolecular and biomaterials, respectively. I chose these majors because they are most in line with my future plans for graduate school. If I'm to go to continue my education at the graduate level, I'd like to receive my master's in Genetic Engineering. Ultimately, I'd like to find the solution to biological immortality.

I like to spend most of my free time improving my skills on the electric and acoustic guitars. I currently own a Washburn acoustic. The electric guitar is borrowed from one of my friends, Ben Locker, that I made at NCSU. My goal with this hobby is to get good enough to perform in front of people at humble venues, and eventually make my love for guitar my second job. The top three bands that inspired me to play guitar are Metallica, Junip, and Blink-182.

Spotify Logo Such Video, Much Knowledge.
  1. Find a reuben
  2. Cook 4 meatballs
  3. Place mozarrella cheese and meatballs in bread
  4. Place sandwich in reuben press
  5. Voila!
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 A
Physics 205 A-
Karate I S
Epic Flaming Guitar