Hello, and welcome to a page about me

My name is Owen Corey Allen Brendan Davis. I am a freshman here at NC State, and my major is currently mechanical engineering. I am however planning on moving into aerospace engineering.
I chose this major due to my extreme interest in designing and then building of new inventions or products. Since I was at a young age, I was always building things. This major fit well into that.
I also am planning on moving into aerospace as I have also had an extreme interest in flight and flight design. As such, mechanical was too broad for my needs, and aerospace made more sense.

My favorite hobby currently is the study of military history. I research into technology of ancient to modern-day warfare. From the balistae of ancient greece, to the Vaught F4U-1c Corsair of the
Americans in WWII, I am always interested. I am most focused however on the history of aviation in warfare, such as the PBY-5a float plane, or the Lancaster heavy bomber of the British. I find it fascinating
what the technology of the day was capable of, and why certain actions were taken when they were, such as Doolittle's raid in the Pacific campaign of WWII.

Cyanide & Happiness Comics!
  1. Drive to Pennsylvania
  2. Go to Thorndale in Southeastern PA, and go to Joey's Pizza
  3. Order a Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak
  4. Enjoy the best sandwich of your entire life
  5. Drive to Philly 30 minutes away and get a real cheesesteak as well, because you can only get a real cheesesteak in Philly or the greater Philly area.

Class Expected Grade
CH101 A
ANT253 B
E115 S