This is Obediah's homework 6 webpage.

My name is Obediah Fire. I am a freshman in the first-year engineering college. I have an aerospace engineering intent so I hope to CODA into that discipline. I picked this major due to my love of airplanes and space. I love to fly, study planes, and everything that comes with it.

My favorite hobby would have to be flying airplanes. I am currently a student pilot and working on my private pilot certificate. I have approximatly 15 hours towards my lisence. I need a minimum of 40, so I still have a ways to go. I hope to obtain my lisence and fly for a living.

AOPA Website Click here for my resume
  1. Get your computer
  2. Go to your Papa John's wesite
  3. Order a large supreme pizza
  4. Pay the delivery man and leave a tip
Class Grade
MA 141 90
Eng 101 87
CH 101 85
Plane picture