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Education: My Major

I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. My intended major is Computer Science, maybe ECE. I am aiming to pursue a Bachelor's degree in either field at North Carolina State University. I have already earned an Associate's Degree in Science from Central Piedmont Communinty College. Afterwards I would like to go to graduate school and do some research. My anticipated graduation date is May 2020.

Why CS or ECE?

I was very successful in math and science classes in High School, which drew me towards engineering in general. In High School, I had the opportunity to take some programming classes through NCVPS and CPCC. These classes introduced me to a world that I enjoyed. I knew that I always wanted to do something with technology. Computer Science might be that field. ECE would be a great alternative as well.

Special Skills

Class Course Title Semester
CSC 116 Intro to Computing - JAVA Fall 2016
CSC 216 Programming Language Concepts - JAVA Fall 2017
CSC 226 Applications Discrete Math for CSC Fall 2017
CSC 230 C & Software Tools Spring 2018
CSC 316 Data Structures for CSC Spring 2018