Welcome to Matt Randolph's NCSU Website

As you can tell, my name is Matt Randolph. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University and have an intended major for Mechanical Engineering. I am currently in the First Year College program. I love working with machines an other types of devices, especially cars. These are reasons that i want to be a mechanical engineer. If Mechanical engineering does not work, there is always civil or electrical engineering. All I got to do is put in the work.

I have more than one hobby that I like to do. I love auto racing, mainly on video games. I also love playing baseball. I play some in the summer still at home for exersice and for fun. Camping with the Boy Scouts is also another hobby I enjoy doing.

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A list of How to Make My Favorite Sandwich

  1. First get two pieces of bread
  2. Get a jar of peanut butter
  3. Find a knife to spread the peanut butter
  4. Put the pieces of bread with peanut butter together
  5. Eat a delicious peanut butter sandwich

Class Expected Grade
MA 241 Calculus 2 A-
Physics 205 B-
E115 Pass