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Major, University, and graduation

I am currently a first year engineering student with the intent to major in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. My expected graduation date is in May 2020.

Why I chose Computer Science

When I was first introduced to programming it seemed a bit strange but after giving it a try I loved it. I started by taking online courses to see if I liked it then taking AP Computer Science in high school. I researched jobs in the field and found that upon graduating I hope to work a software engineer for any major software developing company.

Qualities I have that are pertinent to Computer Science

Class Course Title Semester
Java I CSC 116 Freshman - Fall
Java II CSC 216 Freshman - Spring
Calculus III MA 242 Freshman - Fall
Intro to computing enviroments E 115 Freshman - Fall
Chemistry - a molecular science CH 101 Freshman - Fall