Welcome to Omar's Page at NCSU!!!!

My name is Omar Mohd, A freshman at NCSU that wants to study Biomedical engineering.
Biomedical Engineering is a fairly new discipline of engineering thats combines many
aspects of the traditional areas of engineering. It combines disciplines sucha as Chemical engineering,
Electrical engineering, and even Paper and Material science. I want to study this discipline so I can
help people, and make the world a better place. With a discipline like Biomedical we can finally create regrowable organs,
thus making longterm healing a thing of the past.

my favorite hobby is playing and making video games. I have completed games on legendary difficulty,
a feat that many people consider nearly impossible such as clocking over 600+ hours in skyrim.
I have also made many mods for games , especialy for skyrim such , "A tale of two Clans",
a mod that was available on skyrim nexus but i removed it so that i can fix major bugs in it.
The game I am currently playing is called "Tales of Zestiria", a famous japanese game,
from what people consider to be the second best rpg series, falling only short of the final fnatasy series.
Yet the game that has the best lore is the witcher 3, a game that is simply amazing, and is a must play for all.

Assassin's Creed website


  1. Take the dough
  2. Twirl the dough with love
  3. Gently press on the dough and make sure that its not too thin or thick
  4. Then you take the tomato (pronounced tamayda), and squash it nice
  5. Then you get the cheese ready, by milking the cow
  6. Then you wait for 26 hours (prounounced hour, *no "s")
  7. Then you strain the cheese
  8. Then you take the olive and squeeze really good
  9. Now finally you spread the tomato (again pronounced tamayda ) on the dough
  10. You put the Olive
  11. Then you put the cheese, and more olive
  12. Then put in a stone oven in Venezia , and read this list in Accent Italiano
  13. Finally you take the Pizza and eat it all
Class Grade
Calculus III A+
Environmental Science A+
Physics A+