Hello Everyone!

My name is Oliver. This is my first semester at NC State and I am in the Electrical/Computer Engineering program. I chose this major because I have to make some money but I was not smart enough to get into the Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering disciplines. I also think that Electrical Engineering will be an interesting discipline. To me, Computer Engineering is more fun though.

I am a very boring person. My favorite hobby is sitting alone in my room staring at the wall. Sometimes, I find new cracks and specks of paint on my wall. Staring at my wall calms me down and reminds me of walking in a field on a nice summer day. I do other things like play games and eat food but nothing beats staring at my wall until my eyes burn from not blinking.

My Favorite Website
My Resume

How To Make My Favorite Pizza

  1. Dial the nearest pizza delivery place
  2. Order ANY pizza on the menu (I like any pizza)
  3. Get pizza from glorious pizza delivery person
  4. Tip the man like you aren't in college

Class Grade
Spanish101 A
Public Speaking A
Intro to Prog & Logic A

My Wall