My name is Philip James. I am a freshman at NC State. My goal is to graduate in 2016. I would like to either major in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering. Mechanical engineering would satisfy my desire to build objects while aerospace engineering would satisfy my interest in space.

My favorite break is winter break. First of all, I love the weather during winter. I also enjoy the time I get to spend with my family cooking and doing other fun things. It's also short enough to not drag on like summer occasionally does. It is also a time when I can sit back and enjoy various hockey leagues. While summer is obviously enjoyable, it doesn't supply the same diversity that winter break does.

I like March Madness because it perfectly describes what it is, Madness. It's stories like Wichita State making the Final Four that makes this time of year special. While basketball is not my favorite sport, college basketball supplies an ample amount of parity around this time of year. I like the storylines for March Madness and seeing which times are pretenders. However, it was not enjoyable seeing State get knocked out so early.


Favorite Sport

Favorite Forum

    My Sandwich
  1. Get 2 pieces of white bread.
  2. Put extra cruchy peanut butter on one slice.
  3. Put grape jelly on the other slice.
  4. Put pieces together and eat.
Class Grade
PY 205 B-
MA242 B+
ENG101 A-