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My name is Priscilla. I am a freshman at N.C. State. I am majoring in Industrial Engineering. I am majoring in Engineering because I love math and science. Industrial Engineering is awesome because there so many opportunities to take advantage of.

I love summer break from school. It is the longest break of the year and I get to go to the beach. I love spending my summer break at the beach because it is very relaxing and peaceful. I can travel many places during summer break or I can enjoy the warm weather. I like having warm weather during a break, so then I can spend time outside.I also get to watch a lot of TV shows during spring break. One of my Favorite TV shows is Dr. Who.

NCSU Basketball Moives and TV shows!
  1. First pick up a phone and dial the pizza delivery place.
  2. Tell the worker on the phone what kind a pizza you want and where you live.
  3. Wait for the pizza at your house and keep a look out for the pizza delivery guy.
  4. When the Pizza delivery guy gets to your house, open the door and give him the money for your pizza.
  5. Then take the pizza from the guy and enjoy.
Course Expected Grade
E115 S
CH 102 A
Ch 101 A
E 101 A
Dr. Who