Welcome To: An Introduction to an Enigma (spilled milk)

My name is Parker B. Colbath and I am a freshman at NC State.
After a long debate, I believe my college labors will be focused on the
major of chemical engineering, with a focus in sustainable energy
systems. I selected this major because I wish to apply the principles
of chemistry and process engineering to the development of power
systems that cause less damage to our Earth over time. Chemical
engineering has a wide variety of applications in technology sectors
such as the solar, biofuel, and power storage industries. I am looking
forward to contributing to society through a technological medium.

On the selection of my favourite hobby, I face some difficulty, as
there are many outdoor activities I love. Above all others
I would say that rock climbing is my favourite. It involves
such an excellent combination of outdoorsmanship, balanced physical
exertion, and important knowledge relating to knots and rope systems.
I enjoy climbing in NC State's rock climbing gym a great deal, but
nothing compares to being out on real rock among the trees. Hopefully
soon my climbing partners and I will have the capacity to construct
sweet bomb-proof rope systems in order to scale mad rock.

Yosemite Home Page
  1. Harvest romaine lettuce and vine ripened tomatoes
  2. Bake artisan whole grain bread
  3. Obtain bacon, mustard, mayonaise
  4. Fry bacon in a cast iron skillet
  5. Combine ingredients into sweet BLT (light on mayo)
  6. Consume
Class Expected Grade
Differential Equations A-
Physics 208 A+
Intro to Material Science A
E 115 S

yosemite climber