Pooja Bhinge


Intended Major

I am currently a freshman attending North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. My inteded major is biomedical engineering with a concentration in biomechanics. My anticipated graduation is in June of 2020.

Why do I choose this major?

With a biomedical degree, I hope to follow my father's path in developing advanced medical tools that will both help in research and aid patients in medical settings.

Professional Skills


Class Course Title Semester
MAT 141 Calculus I Senior Year, 1st Sem. (High School)
MAT 241 Calculus II Senior Year, 2nd Sem. (High School)
CHM 101+102 General Chemistry with Lab Summer Term 1
CHM 221 Organic Chemistry I 1st Sem.
E115 Introduction to Computing Environments 1st Sem.