Welcome to Pedro's Awesome Webpage

Hello, my name is Pedro Carriel. I am a freshman at Nc State's College of Engineering. I am thinking about majoring in Biomedical Engineering or Chemical Engineering. I have always loved science, and chemistry seems very appealing. I chose to be an engineer because it seems like a good field to join jobwise. That is why I chose these possible majors.

My favorite thing to do is play music. I play guitar nonstop and try to write and compose songs. Recently, I have been working with a friend to start a band, and we're off to a slow start but we'll pick up the pace. Writing songs take a long time because we want to create music that requires more than just a plain hook and an uncommon instrument, we want to bring the creativity back into songwriting. I'm obviously very passionate about music, so I'm very critiquing when it comes to music.

Second best website ever
  1. Grab to slices of bread
  2. Add two slices of cheese
  3. Add some ham
  4. Then toast the sandwhich
Class Grade
Chemisrty -A
Political science -B
Calculus 3 c