Welcome to Preston's Page

My name is Preston Hawkes. I am a sophmore here at NCSU. I am studying sustainable materials and technology. I chose this major because it allows me to innovate. Not ony i am innovating, i also get to be good steward to the earth and increase the quality of life for today's and future generations.

My favorite hobby is exercising. I usually work out everyday. I go to Carmichael or miller fields. Sometimes i workout with other people. I also take P.E. classes every semester just for fun.

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How to Make Peperoni Pizza

  1. Roll out the dough
  2. Spread tomato sauce evenly
  3. Sprinkle on cheese
  4. Place peperoni as needed
  5. Bake until light brown
Class Grade
E 115 Pass
HI 208 B
PY 205 B-