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My name is Peter Simmons and I am a freshman in the college of engineering, intending to major in Aerospace Engineeering. I chose Aerospace because I have always loved airplanes and through highschool developed an affinity for physics, this made me think I'd be good at Aerospace Engineeering. If I do not do Aerospcae Engineering I will likely end up doing either mechanical engineering or industrial engineering as an alternative.

My current job is as a fitness advisor at the YMCA near my home, I keep the workout floor clean and make the members comfortable and safe. While I am at school I am still employed at the YMCA and I will work when I am home over longer breaks. My dream job would be to work for a big name aerospace company like Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, or SpaceX, working to design new parts or aircraft, or doing repairs.

Interesting Classes
  1. Target Archery
  2. Aerodynamics
  3. Senior Design Project
  4. Classical Mythology
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