About Myself

My name is Peter Talbert. This is technically my first year but I have been taking classes part time since last spring to meet general studies credit requirements. I am currently a NDS student. I would like to pursue a major in electrical engineering. I picked this major because I have enjoyed electrical work and making of simple electrical circuits and wiring diagrams. At my current work I wire work trucks and would like to use my skills in a field that would pay better.

My favorite hobby to do when I am not working or doing school is fishing. I used to go as a kid and did not go for many years until last year after I quit my previous job, which had me working Monday through Saturday. Because I now had off on Saturdays I would get up before it was light and go out to Falls Lake or the Neuse River. Sometimes I would go three times a weekend. Although I am honestly not that good at it, I still enjoy taking the time to relax and take in the scenery and sounds of the lake. I haven't gone yet this year, but I will when it gets warm enough.

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  1. Find a plate
  2. Find two slices of bread
  3. Find marshmallow fluff spread
  4. Find Nutella
  5. Spread marshmallow fluff on one of the slices of bread
  6. Spread Nutella on the remaining slice of bread
  7. Put two slices together
  8. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
Precalculus B
Chemistry A
E115 Pass

Largemouth Bass