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My name is Phil Callis. I'm a freshman Engineering major. I chose Engineering because I wanted to pursue a career in Computer Science. I have a lot of experience working with computers, both regarding software and hardware. The only programming language I'm currently familiar with is Visual Basic.

My favourite hobby is writing, playing, and listening to music. I'm currently the drummer for two bands, but I picked up guitar about a year ago. I'm still not as good of a player as any of the guitarists in my bands, but I'm making pretty good progress. I've also produced the demos for both bands, though I'm only self-taught in audio production. While both bands I'm in are based in the metal genre, I'm personally better at writing melodic guitar pieces than actual riffs.

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  1. Accept that cheeseburgers are sandwiches.
  2. Find a hamburger bun.
  3. Cook a hamburger patty
  4. Put cheese slice on the patty and place in the bun
Class Grade
PHI 340 A-
MA 141 A
E 115 S
A picture of my guitar and my drums