Welcome to My Homework

Hello my name is Parker Garris. I am a Freshman here at North Carolina State University. The major that i have chosen is mechanical engineering. the reason that i have chosen this major is to work on aircraft engines. that is something that i have always wanted to do.

My favorite animal is a wolf. the stregnth of the pack is the wolf. the stregnth of the wolf is the pack. I love that quote so therefore i love that animal. It only helps that the wolf is the mascot at the College i attend. Plus they rely on teamwork which is something i rely on as well.

iFunny Youtube
  1. First get your dough and spread it out.
  2. Next get your sauce and spread it on the dough
  3. Next you get your cheese and sprinkle it on your pizza
  4. Finally get your toppings and place them on the pizza and cook in the oven
Class Grade
Calc A
E115 Pass
Physics B
Grey Wolf