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My name is Philip Drummond, I am not in an official year since I am currently a non-degree studies student, and I do not have a major since I am just taking pre-requisite courses in order to apply to the College of Engineering this Fall. I am not yet fully decided as to which discipline I would like to major in, but I am leaning towards mechanical and/or electrical engineering. Engineering was my "hindsight" career for the last several years, meaning if I was to go back in time and go through college all over again, I would like to pursue engineering. I know at the time I was not mature enough to succeed in such a demanding major like engineering, so I went with my passion at the time, Biology. I have always had a strong desire to know how things function, and I was the one in my various jobs that figured out how to fix, design new, and maintain equipment, so engineering was always in the back of my mind.

I recently moved back to North Carolina, and prior to moving, I was a full-time community college Biology Professor in Nebraska for six years. During my tenure, I taught General Biology, Microbiology (which was my specialty), Pathology, and General Chemistry. Like just about all engineering students, I would love to get my degree, maybe get another Master's, and work for some exceptional company, making super cool things that will both be useful and helpful to people. I do know, however, that any job I have will ultimately include loads of boring, monotonous, paperwork, which the brochures never seem to include (it's all lasers and robots).

Picture of me that links to my email.

The most interesting classes I have taken include

  1. General Microbiology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Plant Physiology
  4. Biostatistics

Two clubs I would be interested in joining during my time at NCSU

Club Name Club Website
All Music People Website
Adventure Club Website