My name is peter trinh. I am a freshman. I am currently in FYC
but I plan on switching into mechanical engineering. I want to
do mechanical engineering because I like physics a lot. I love
problem solving and I think this would be a great major for me.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing ultimate frisbee.
I am signed up on the NCSU Developmental team. I also
played on a TFDA winter league team this winter. Our
team managed to make second place at the tournament
over at least 20 other teams. I am really proud of how
good I've become over the three years I've played.

How to make a meatball sub
  1. Get Bread
  2. Get Meatballs
  3. Get Red Sauce
  4. Cook meatballs in red sauce
  5. Put together with bread

Class Grade
MA341 B
E115 S