Welcome to my Page

My name is Paige Esguerra and I am a sophomore currently in Polymer and Color Chemistry. I am planning to change my major to Textile Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I want to do chemical engineering because I have always wanted to be a chemical engineer and I really enjoy math and chemistry. I have chosen to double major in Textile Engineering because I really enjoy the college of textiles and I also have a scholarship through textiles. Ideally I would've liked to double major in chemical engineering and polymer and color chemistry but not enough of my classes count for both majors and I would take a long time to graduate. With the track I am on now hopefully I can take 4.5 years to graduate.

My favorite hobby is dancing. I have danced since I was in kindergarten and I was competitive until my senior year of high school. In college I have picked up dancing in a club called "Dance Life" where we have practice once a week and there is very little commitment. We have one big performance at the end of the semester. At the performance we get to wear costumes and preform at a local middle school. My favorite kind of dance is ballet; however I do not do that anymore, I am only doing lyrical or modern dance.

Cats woohoo!!
  1. Take the bread and put butter on both sides of each slice
  2. turn on the skillet
  3. Put one bread on the skillet
  4. Put Cheese on the bread side up
  5. Put the other piece of bread on top and flip the whole sandwich
  6. Class Expected Grade
    FLS 201 A-
    MA 241 A
    CH 221 B