Welcome! This website will attempt to explain what I am doing in college. Enjoy!

My name is Paul Leimer and I am a freshman.My intended degree is
computer engineering, but I am probably going to do a dual degree
in both computer and electrical engineering. Why did I chose this
major? Because computers are awesome! And how they work is awesome!
And I can do so much with a computer engineering degree.

Hobbies include computer programming, athletics, drawing and
other types of art, archery, among other things. My favourite hobby
is working with computers, with athletics as my second favourite.

My second favourite website!
  1. Grab a role of bread.
  2. Toast the role in the oven.
  3. Put grilled chicken strips on the bread.
  4. Put lettuce and other condiments on the bread.
  5. Eat it.
  1. me
  2. Myself
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A Ninja Bunny Mail the person
Class Grade
Calc II 97.6
Chem 101 92.3
E101 98.8

Hello Everyone
Me Myself I
whattup dude man

Hi I am legend My name is Todd
Here is a chemical formula (C2)3