Poorna Gandhi

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Hello, my name is Poorna Gandhi. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University and I am majoring in Computer Science. Computer Science is a fascinating field to me because it incorporates all types of engineering careers. Today's companies and industries are in high demand of computer scientists because of how important technology plays in an industry's functionality.I have also taken many programming classes in high school, which also served to be my reason for choosing Computer Science as my major.

In the summer of 2016, I interned at the Town of Cary Technology Services Department. My role as an intern was a Project Manager, where I served to lead my team in our projects. I belonged to the Innovation and Analytics Division, where I would work on projects such as communication plans, data stories, and designing. My job consisted mostly of HTML coding because of all the different webpages I was responsible of making. My internship changed my idea of IT and in a way inspired me to take up Computer Science as a career.

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Classes that Interest Me

  1. Women and Gender Studies
  2. CSC 116
  3. Multimedia and Webpage Design
  4. Software Engineering

Organizations I'm in or interested in joining at NCSU

Organization Name Link to Website
NCSU Nazaare Nazaare Facebook Link
WISE Women in Science & Engineering