Welcome to Parker Grant's NCSU page

My name is Parker Grant, class of 2019, and I am majoring in Computer Science. I am not sure if I am going to stay in CS or switch to Physics at this point. I enjoy programming and solving some problems that CS offeres. While on the other hand, I enjoy learning more about the physical world we live in. I still have time to decide on which path I would like to pursue but it's a tough decision.

Prior to my college experience, I was in the Marine Corps. While I was in the Marines I was a Financial Analyst. I enjoyed the work that I did while I was in, but wanted more for myself. So now I am attempting to pursue something that one day I would like to hang my hat on.

  1. Quantum Mechanics 1
  2. Physical Optics
  3. Computational Physics
  4. Astrophysics

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