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A picture of me.

My name is Parker Terry. I am first year class of 2021 intending to major in Biomedical Engineering I am interested in Biomedical Engineering as I believe it will grant me the tools necessary to become a worthy orthopedic surgeon. I also hope to minor in nanoscience and technology and computer programming as I believe they will provide me with many very useful skills.

My dream job is to become an orthopedic surgeon as I hope to be able to use what I learn to assist veterans, athletes, and others who have been otherwise hindered by otherwise life altering injuries. If I can use what I learn in medical school and in pursuing the biomedical engineering degree to help others, then I will consider my goal attained. I wanted to become one since my own grandfather had a terrible knee injury he got saving me from drowning in a reservoir as a kid and was healed by knee surgery and a steel implant. I want to help him and others by innovating the implant so that it is not made of metal and therefore will not cause so many problems when passing through metal detectors and the like.

Some interesting classes I plan to take at NC State

  1. TE 467
  2. PCC 471
  3. BME 301
  4. BME 452

Some clubs I am in at NC State

Biomedical Engineering Society here
Chess Team here