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My name is Paul Kim. I am a freshman at NCSU class of 2018, and I am an intended Computer Science major. I chose this major because I enjoy solving problems conceptually on the computer. I was also influenced by the great achievements of Alan Turing to pursue this major as well. I wish to make a lasting impact on computer science that will forever change the way we live our lives in the future.

My first passion is dance. I have been dancing for one year and a half, and I am part of several dance crews at NCSU including Fusion. I started dancing at the beginning of my senior year at high school. Prior to this year, I have had no dance experience what so ever. However, my interest and passion for this art form has lead me on an interesting path full of love and creativity. Dance is rejuvenating. For me, dance is life.

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  1. Obtain ham, cheese, tomatoes, and whole wheat bread
  2. Place two slices of bread on a plate
  3. Place two slices of ham on bread
  4. Place two slices of tomatoes on bread
  5. ENJOY! :D
Classes Expected Grades
E115 S
Calculus III 90
Physics 84
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