All (some) About Patrick Miller

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My name is Patrick Miller, and I am a first year student at NC State University. I am currently undecided on what field of engineering I want to go into, but I am now leaning towards electrical and computer engineering I want to be in one of these fields (I think) because stuff that comes out of that field has always seemed cool to me, and I hope it would be cool to work on and make even cooler things.

Last summer, I was able to work for a company called Camfil, which is a company that manufactures housings for air filtration systems. The Washington N.C. branch of Camfil was trying to streamline their manufacturing process by making all of their records/part drawings digital, so I was hired to help with that. I mainly just entered data from one program into another which could get repetitive, but it was cool to see some of the big housings for the air filters being made.

I promise this is me, I just happen to look like two puppies while one is eating the other

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These are some of the classes I am currently taking!

  1. MA 141 - Calculus 1
  2. CH 101 - Chemistry 1
  3. E115 - Introduction to Computing Environments
  4. E101 - Introduction to Engineering

Here are two clubs I am interested in!

Club Website
Rowing Club
Sailing Club