Welcome to me!

My name is Peter Dwyer and I am 18 years old. This year, fall of 2017, is my first year in college making me a freshman. I will be studying Copmuter Science once I CODA into my major. I chose this major because I have always loved to program and it leaves so many different opportunities and options for work.

I have never worked in the field of computer science with a real company. However, I love to program and I love to break other programs or find bugs and errors. My dream job would be to work in cyber security operations at the NSA. My entire job would be to hack into other peoples devices to extract information.

Classes I want to take:

  1. CSC 405 Intro to Computer Security
  2. CSC 474 Network Security
  3. CSC 515 Software Security
  4. CSC 574 Computer and Network Security
Club Website
Hackpack State Webpage
Waterpolo State Webpage